Blazing Light of God – Official Music Video Now Released!

The official music video for Blazing Light of God has been released!

I just gotta tell you the story about how it came to be! Alright, so we went to my grandparents’ house in West Virginia. Very peaceful, calm and quiet – the kind of place where your neighbors just walk over to your house, sit at your bonfire, and talk for a while, maybe trading vegetables from each other’s gardens.

You’d think it would be a pretty uneventful trip… But with my grandparents’ permission, me and my family went out into their backyard each night with smoke bombs, fireworks, a laptop, a speaker system, high-powered work lights, trench coats, and a guitar, and recorded this music video.

The feedback so far has been great! People have been amazed at how theatrical and eerily dark it is. And yet it also builds into a climatic explosion of heavenly light and victory as God breaks through the darkness and overcomes the power of the shadows.

Just check it out for yourself! If you like it, tell your friends about it.


New Music Video Trailer – Blazing Light of God

Check it out! Ethnicity’s single, “Blazing Light of God,” is going to be released into a music video on July 25th, and the official trailer is out now! People are saying it’s really dark and eery, and it’s got a pretty epic ending. But don’t take my word for it, here’s the video:

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By the way, this song’s writing was inspired in part by Psalm 64, talking about the wicked and how violently evil they are and yet how God will one day trample out their wrath with His own mighty power. See below:

Psalm 64

For the director of music. A psalm of David.

Hear me, my God, as I voice my complaint;
protect my life from the threat of the enemy.

Hide me from the conspiracy of the wicked,
from the plots of evildoers.
3 They sharpen their tongues like swords
    and aim cruel words like deadly arrows.
They shoot from ambush at the innocent;
they shoot suddenly, without fear.

They encourage each other in evil plans,
they talk about hiding their snares;
they say, “Who will see it[b]?”
They plot injustice and say,
“We have devised a perfect plan!”
Surely the human mind and heart are cunning.

But God will shoot them with his arrows;
    they will suddenly be struck down.
He will turn their own tongues against them
and bring them to ruin;
all who see them will shake their heads in scorn.
All people will fear;
they will proclaim the works of God
and ponder what he has done.

10 The righteous will rejoice in the Lord
and take refuge in him;
all the upright in heart will glory in him!

I personally can’t wait for the official video to be released. In the meantime, if you want to check out the song itself, you can listen to it here: Blazing Light of God – Ethnicity – on CDBaby.

It’s also on iTunes, for those who may have some unspent iTunes giftcard money: Blazing Light of God – Ethnicity – on iTunes.

Anyways, there’s the song and music video trailer. I’ll be sure to post the official video when it’s released, too.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!