A Time

Here’s an intro poem thing I wrote for The Writer…

A time,
When time itself shuddered in the darkness,
When empty vastness filled the chasm,
When all the world stood endlessly silent,
What world there was
As yet one word was spoken:

“Let there be light!”
And the darkness surrendered;
Divided in two,
Now these names were rendered:
The light was called Day,
And the darkness was Night,
Forever a division of diametric spite

Two powers opposed like a brother gone bad
And badly to stain the perfection then had
A world at war, though invisibly seen;
A dark nightmare, an oiled machine

Yet in those first moments the Writer stood fast,
Perfection in His power, a pen in His grasp
And graspingly, thinkingly, ever so sure,
The Writer set out with His greatest grandeur…

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