The Writer – my Sophie’s World project

I finished this song for a philosophy project at school. I had been wanting to finish it for a while, but never really found enough motivation or direction. Well now I had both! I was to make something based off of the book, Sophie’s World. I think it turned out pretty neat. Still could use some polishing and practice, but it was fun experimenting with some progressive ideas in the structure of the song and such. Enjoy!!

(If you want to check out the lyrics, go to the actual YouTube video page…)

9 thoughts on “The Writer – my Sophie’s World project

  1. Love it! Wonderful as usual. ;) I like the way you write things…sort of mysterious and ever so slighty cryptic, like poets of old (Keats, Tennyson, Wordsworth, Longfellow, etc). You make people have to think about each line, cause each line and each word is so special and has such depth!
    Quite amazing. :D
    Keep rockin’!!!!!
    ~The Queen ;)

    1. Thank you, Hannah!! =D You’re always a blessing. Some people don’t like how bizarre I can be. Heh. This song has a lot of stuff in it that I’ve been wanting to put in a song for a while now. So glad for philosophy class! But yeah, I definitely love that mysterious, cryptic stuff! I’ll have to check out some poems by those folks. I know I’ve read at least some, but more can’t hurt, I’m sure. ;-)
      I’ll keep rockin’ indeed!!! You keep being awesome!! =)
      ~The King ;-)

  2. Your blog sometimes doesn’t like me. :P I posted a comment twice yesterday and it still didn’t like it….So this is a test… :P :D
    If this works I’ll reply back again later. :D

    1. Dumb blog! Why don’t you like Hannah? =P And yeah, that’s strange, I didn’t get a notification or an approval notice or anything yesterday…

  3. Okay….it doesn’t like when I try to paste a comment I typed and copied. :P Fine then, oh little blog, I shall type it over again! :P

    Wow! The more I listen to this song, the more amazing it becomes. What an awesome story! I keep catching little bits that each time that I didn’t catch before. Love it! :D

    Hehe, yes those are good poets, worth reading. There’s only a few I like of thiers, amongst others. One of my favorites actually is “The Listeners” by Walter De La Mare. And the Shakespeare sonnet I posted the picture of on my blog. :D And a couple others…. ;)

    I’ll do that!! You too!! See you soon!
    ~The Queen

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