A Fusion of Terror and Excitement

This poem is from March 12th (a few days ago), but I’m just now getting around to posting it.


I’ve got to leave the past behind,
Look fear right in the eyes,      and say…

This is terror,
But this is excitement.

This is insanity,
But this is the only thing that makes sense.

I’m at my rope’s end,
But that’s where I find a new beginning.

One last chance to ski down that slope,
One last chance for a new hope —

The one I’d always seen,
The one I’d always dreamed of.

A tale that’s more than make-believe,
A tale of an unshattered love.

God help my shrieking soul.

8 thoughts on “A Fusion of Terror and Excitement

      1. Oh, that’s only sort of funny…I guess I did not comment on this as I had thought. Oy. So sorry….


        What I meant to say in the first comment that I obviously did not post was that I found your blog through your mom’s profile and I am highly impressed by your poetry and songs! I too am a writer and love poetry/lyrics and other writing endeavors. Keep up the good work!!
        Your mom also tells me you are at Grace Bible College. Many kudos to you!!!

        God bless!

  1. Haha. Thanks, Hannah! Nice, I’m glad you found the blog. =) I went over to your blog, too. I like a lot of the thoughts you’ve got going on over there! I found it sort of funny and cool, I’m a bit of a hippie, healthy-eating, courting kind of person, too. But yeah, thanks much!! I am definitely loving GBC! I’ll probably check out some more of your writings and things later. Right now, I should probably get to work on a philosophy paper that’s due tomorrow!

    God bless you, too!

  2. Ah thanks! Glad you liked my blog as well. :) Wow! That is quite funny and cool. My hippie-healthy-eating-courting mindset is often the source of much laughter…but its worth it! Its always good to see others likeminded.
    Many blessings to you in all your endeavors!


    1. Hmm indeed! =) Soooooo close!! =D *speaks in a creepy, whispery low voice* …I can almost taste it. >=D Muahahaha! …You caught me in a silly mood. Hehe. Yes, so very ironic and epic and cool. ^_^
      See you beautifully soon! =D

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