The Redwood of Shining Glory and the Bug of Wisdom

My life, a masterpiece,
Carved by the hand of Almighty God,
My shelter in the storm,
My source of light, of life.
I love life, I love my world.
I love the colors, magnificent.

Beaming so tall and mighty are You, God,
Like the Redwood trees, if they could shine holy light;
If their tops that pierce the skies
Could dwell in Your heavenly place
And their roots reach to the depths of hell.

Certain ones, a certain one,
My eyes see and I begin to wonder,
“Is this my place? Is this to be my home?”
But Your mind has concealed it
For a time.
It is underneath Your jar,
As if the knowledge were a bug trapped,
Only to be released outside in due time.
Release the bug, Lord!
Shower me with wisdom!
Increase my intellect, increase my love.

I fail and have failed,
But You remain faithful.
Your whisper caresses my ear,
But I am prone to shrug it off in haste.
“Surely I know better than the Lord of glory!
Surely He is mad! And I have come out on top.”

Restlessness, bitter restlessness.
Oh, the cold! Save me from the cold chill!
My heart yearns for warmth
And my eyes for a comforting sight.
But forsaking Your voice, I only find disillusionment.
It’s my pride, isn’t it? My wretched selfishness!
I groan inside. I weep inside.
Outside, no one can see.
But they see I don’t care,
When all I ever wanted was to care deeply,
To care like You cared for me.

4 thoughts on “The Redwood of Shining Glory and the Bug of Wisdom

    1. Thank you, Hannah! =D I really like your stuff, too! I’ve just got to pick one to comment on… and that’s hard. Hah.
      Peace! *holds up the peace sign* =D

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