A Poem of Life and Love

Life and love are the theme of my heart
A season for change, a season to start
Where would I be without Your guiding star?
You show me life, you show me love, who You are

As days draw on and times grow cold,
As men grow weary and bones grow old,
Still You are my eternal refuge
I find comfort in Your wings

You take me on Your shoulders and we fly
Fly, fly, fly…
‘Til soaring we are roaring beyond the highest height
And on and on in awe of Your creation I ride

The greens of the trees,
The whites of the skies,
The blue glistening of the morning dew,
Drawn by Your omniscient eyes

All Your works inspire in me desire to do well
To be creative, to be brave,
To take on the challenge of each coming day

May my life be like a rainbow in Your eternal sky
Ever beckoning attention, telling of Your life

Rejoice, O heavens! Rejoice, O seas!
The Lord of glory has come to thee
And Jesus is His name
Forever may He be the joyful song that I proclaim

In night and day, in spring and fall,
His love is yet the greatest of all

The world tries, the world lies,
The world wears a good disguise,
But all its tricks shall fail
All its pleasures shall pass

Yet in eternity God’s love for me
Will ever shine through
It’s not my fault; He’s to blame
He gave me love; my only say
Was saying, “Yes, Lord, yes.
“Thank You for Your gift.”

Now night is nigh, and day shall dawn
And every dawn, I shall awake
And whether I wake on earth or Heaven,
My destiny is sure

For Jesus died and paid the price
Yet lives that I may live
And trusting true, I was made new
Now His life I can give

To share His love, to share His life,
To be His beloved, to be His delight,
Is indeed a blessed plight
Despite the strife, despite the pain
Despite desire for worldly gain
I know my God is for me

So living like He lived I may truly live
And loving like He loved I may truly love

Each day I begin again
A new venture into this adventure of life in Christ
What surprises await me?
What joys?
What trials lurking?
What temptations deployed?

Never shall I know, but one thing I see:
I know my God, and He knows me
That’s enough, and far above
‘Cause He’s my source of life and love