The Flat Earth Awakening

There is a great move of God going on in the world. Unfortunately, like a lot of things God does, it is very controversial and at odds with the ways of the world. In the same way that taking a stand against evolution will greatly affect your worldview and make a lot of people think you to be scientifically ignorant, this issue about Biblical cosmology also has far-reaching implications and will make a lot of people your enemies…

Just so you are aware, this is my own personal belief — not the belief of my church. I believe it is an important truth that more Christians should stand for, and yet too often it is ridiculed without investigation (this was what I did, too, at first). But if you are willing to search the Scriptures with an open heart, perhaps you will find, as I did, that I had been wrong for most of my life — the world is not a globe in a heliocentric universe; it is a self-contained system: a stationary, flat earth, with a firmament dome overtop, in which the sun, moon, and stars circuit overhead. Hell is below us, Heaven is above us. It is as simple as the Scriptures say.

We don’t need to reinterpret the Bible to match the so-called “scientific” ideas circulating around the world; God has had it right all along. The “scientific” ideas in opposition to the Bible are nothing more than pseudo-scientific fairytale-like imaginations (clouded in mathematical jargon) of people who are often very much anti-Christ; imaginations which the Church, unfortunately, has bought into and now adamantly defends. Real science — testable, repeatable experiments — actually support the Bible and its cosmology, to the disdain of those who would elevate their own earthly wisdom above the wisdom of God.

Friends, I realize I’m being rather blunt. I guess I’m just tired of keeping my mouth shut on something I find to be Biblically important. People are dying, and God’s truth is the only real truth that matters. And God can use — and has used — even truths like this to save souls for eternity. We’ve seen people come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior because of this truth — even people who were atheists; even people who believed that aliens seeded us here on this “planet” — /these/ people are coming to know the God of creation and submitting their lives to Him in humble, repentant faith. So this /is/ important.

I’m trying to be gracious in how I’m presenting this. I’m trying not to say anything in anger or in arrogance or just stir up a pot for no good reason. But I am also trying to be just a bit pointed because more people need to hear this truth. Truth is not something to hide under a basket and pretend it doesn’t exist. Truth is not something to be “hush hush” about. No, I’ll leave that to Communist China. I live in America, and I’m going to take advantage of my freedom of speech to proclaim God’s truth just as long as He continues to grace those of us in this country with the freedoms to do so.

So thank you for putting up with me offering what I believe to be the Biblical viewpoint. Again, this is my personal belief — not the belief of my church. I do hope eventually more and more of the folks at my church will take the time to look into these things, but for now, it’s mostly me, my parents, my fiancΓ©e, and my friend Darius (love you, man!). Feel free to ask me about these things in person also; I’m an open book.

May our good God give you grace & strength for each new day, wisdom to navigate this corrupted world, and great peace in knowing Him and His love & truth in greater ways. Amen.


Debunking the Flat Earth for Dummies (video)

Hello, friends. Please give me some grace here. I am sharing something, and I just wanted to say that I am not sharing this to be quarrelsome or divisive. That is not my intention at all. But rather, since I am a person who — as an individual, apart from any ties to my church — believes that the universe does not operate according to the Copernican, heliocentric model that we were taught in school, I feel somehow compelled to share a little bit of food for thought…

You may ask why this is important. And that’s a fair question. Friend, to answer your question, I also have to ask you a few questions:

Is it important whether evolution is true or not?

Is it important whether the “big bang” is true or not?

Is it important whether aliens exist or not?

And ultimately, is it important whether the Bible is true or not?

I think these are important questions. And so, I tend to think it is important to know what is really true, in general, rather than believing things that are false… And somehow, I do believe these ideas in this video regarding cosmology are grounded in Scripture also.

Are these things a “salvation issue”? No, not necessarily. But on the other hand, there have been people who have learned about Biblical cosmology (with the “firmament,” etc.), and then because of that, they learn about the God of the Bible and get saved. So, for them it /was/ a “salvation issue.”

But even with that being said, again please just have grace with me, friends. I’m not trying to make this a bigger deal than it ought to be. And I’m not trying to stir a pot and make anyone angry. I’m just sharing some thoughts, and I leave it up to you what you think about it.

I personally think (just my own thoughts) that it is important stuff — and increasingly so as we go further and further along into the “last days” and Jesus’ return (and also the coming of the anti-Christ) becomes sooner and sooner — so that is solely why I share it. I want you, friend, to be ready for the end of days when Jesus returns, and I don’t want you to be deceived by the false “Christ” that shall come in the name of peace and unity and deceive many.

May God’s true peace be yours in Christ Jesus, the only Way, Truth, and Life.

By Wisdom A House Is Built

“By wisdom a house is built,
And by understanding it is established;
And by knowledge the rooms are filled
With all precious and pleasant riches.”
–Proverbs 24:3-4

So we see that wisdom is key in establishing a house and filling it with good things.

And yet we also are commanded,

“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.
But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal;
For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
–Matthew 6:19-21

So while wisdom is key in establishing a house and filling it with precious riches, the truly wise who fear the Lord above all else will also recognize that this earth’s riches will not last — true riches are the eternal, heavenly riches.

Likewise, Paul admonishes us that if we have been risen with Christ, we ought to seek those things which are above (the eternal, heavenly things), not things on the earth (Colossians 3:1-3).

Therefore, God, I pray that you would grant me Your true, eternal wisdom;

That You would establish my house with your precious riches — not the riches that this world offers, but those which will last to eternity —

That You indeed would help me to be a soul-winner, bringing in the harvest which You told us is plentiful and ripe;

That You would make me a Body-edifier, strengthening the Church which is Your Body for greater acts of service and love;

That You would help me to raise a family in Your good and perfect ways, eventually “training up children in the way they should go,” so that they might not depart from You, but follow You wholeheartedly and shine Your light to a dark and dying world.

For, after all, Lord, if it is by wisdom that a house is built and established, I ought also to recognize this very first precept:

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,
And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.”
— Proverbs 9:10

So, knowing the equivalence of Your fear and Your wisdom, may I fear You, God, giving You the reverence, respect, awe, and even dread that You deserve, as the One and Only Holy and Perfect God, who alone deserves the preeminence — the first place above all other things. May I humbly bow and submit to Your authority, and may Your wisdom guide my life in this New Year, according to Your continual kindness in Christ Jesus.

Thank You, Lord.


You best shut yo’ mouth!

“Words from the mouth of a wise man are gracious,
while the lips of a fool consume him;
the beginning of his talking is folly
and the end of it is wicked madness.
Yet the fool multiplies words.”
–Ecclesiastes 10:12-14a

This is a lesson I am continually learning — I need to stop running my mouth. It is very much needed for me to hold my tongue, especially if I start to get upset with someone I care about.

After all, most of the time, what I’m upset about ends up being something really trivial that won’t matter later… πŸ˜•

And, to top it off, God has told us through the apostle Paul, “Do everything without grumbling or arguing” (Philippians 2:14).

Yet, if I’m meaninglessly complaining about little, dumb things, just because they come to my mind and go straight out of my mouth, what good is that? That’s certainly not exhibiting the fruit of self-control! πŸ‡

I think James said it quite well:

“The tongue also is a fire, πŸ”₯
a world of evil among the parts of the body.
It corrupts the whole body,
sets the whole course of one’s life on fire,
and is itself set on fire by hell.”
–James 3:6

Yikes! 😬 And yet, how true!

So, considering I don’t want my whole life set on fire by the very flames of hell, I think I’d best shut my mouth! 🀐

A Day To Celebrate Jesus

Merry Christmas, friends! 😊

This is a day to celebrate Jesus — His first coming to this earth, as a baby who would grow up for this very reason: not only to speak the words of God, not only to do the works of God, but to die as the sinless sacrifice on our behalf, to pay the fine that we owed God.

We owed a massive debt to God because of all of our sins — everything we do wrong against God and against other people: lying, stealing, committing adultery, harboring anger in our hearts toward others (which is the precursor to murder), looking at pornography (which is not only lust [sexual immorality of the mind] but also covetousness: wrongfully desiring what is not ours), holding grudges/bitterness (unforgiveness), practicing homosexuality, gossiping…

All these things that we do amass a debt to God that we cannot pay. — We cannot, by our “good” works undo what has been done by our “bad works” — our sin. No, our sin separates us from God, and our “fine” is to spend eternity (forever and ever) in torment, at first in hell, and then in the lake of fire.

But God sent His Son Jesus (who is Himself fully God) into the world, not to bring more condemnation, but to make the way for us to have right relationship with God again and have true and eternal /life/. He did this by Jesus dying on the cross — paying the fine that we owed against God. And He didn’t stay dead — the mighty power of God brought Jesus up from the grave in resurrected life!

Now God is calling out to hearts through His children like me, saying, “Be reconciled to God!” God is asking you to repent of your sins (turn away from all the wrong things you have done and decide that you don’t want to live that way in rebellion to God any longer) and trust in Jesus. — Jesus already paid the fine: the debt is paid and the victory won! Now you need to make Jesus /your/ salvation: receive Jesus for yourself. Let Jesus be the Lord of your life, and not you yourself any longer. Turn away from the devil and his shackling hold on your life.

May you know and experience the powerful love of Jesus this Christmas! God’s love is the only lasting love — everything else will fade and disappoint. Let Jesus be your sure and strong foundation coming into the New Year!

My Prayer for an Apathetic Church

I am so terribly burdened for the state of the Church… Not the whole Church, of course, because God always has His faithful remnant, and He’s certainly doing mighty things. But for all the lukewarm and apathetic believers who care so much about all that the world has to offer — money, sports, TV, etc. — and yet don’t care about the things of God — eternal things that will last — I grieve. I pray. I sit in anguish of heart because we have an eternal hope, and yet we can’t find time to worship God and thank Him for it. I grieve because souls are perishing and we (yes, myself also) are too afraid to speak the gospel to our neighbor — too afraid of what they might say.

I am terribly sad and burdened. And I see how commercialized our churches often are. And I see how consumeristic our society often is. And I see how very much like the world our average Christian often is. And it absolutely pains my heart…

Do we not read in the Scriptures that if anyone loves the world the love of the Father is not in them?

Do we not read that Jesus spews the lukewarm believers out of His mouth?

And are we not, so often, in our sterilized Western society, merely whitewashed lukewarm believers?

I listened to a quote recently from Leonard Ravenhill, and he said that Christians are the most busy decorating the exterior when the inside is dead. And isn’t this exactly what Jesus said? He said that the Pharisees — the ones who were supposed to be the /leaders/ of the day — were dead on the inside and only beautifying the exterior.

Isn’t this exactly what we do? We make our churches elaborate, decorating them just right. We make sure we have the latest and greatest music. We give everyone the perfect coffee and cozy seats. We teach our singers to smile and raise their hands… But so often we find that these things don’t fix the problem — our hearts are far from God.

I don’t mean to say that our churches are full of unbelievers. Perhaps, sometimes, they are. And perhaps, sometimes, that’s a good thing — to help them see the gospel. But, what I am saying, is that we have too many genuine believers who live disingenuous lives. They say one thing on Sunday, and live a different life throughout the week. They may sing and praise God on-stage, but off-stage they couldn’t care less about worshipping God.

We have too many heartless, prayerless, powerless Christians, teetering on the fence — just enough Jesus to keep appearances up, and just enough of the world to blend in just right. It seems hardly a person is willing to stand out for Jesus and actually take up their cross, being willing to take the necessary sacrifices to live a godly life in Christ Jesus — while being fully aware that doing so necessitates being mocked and persecuted: even called out as ‘too radical’ by more “normal” Christian friends or family members.

And please, I do not at all intend to say there are not genuine followers of God, truly doing everything in their power to live a holy life before God and actually let His Word and His Spirit guide them. I know these people exist — some of you are even my friends reading this right now. And I thank God for you. And I love you as my brothers and sisters in the Lord. May God continue to give us strength and boldness to follow Him wherever He leads!

And yet my heart is terribly burdened for all those souls who find themselves dancing with Jesus on one day and dancing with the devil on another. It’s not okay, it needs to stop, and God will be sure that it stops someday. But I am praying so much for all of us in the Church that we would wake up and follow Jesus out of a true heart, not being double-minded or unstable, but truly standing firm upon all that Jesus is.

That is my prayer.

Oh God, help us. We need You. I need You. The Church needs You. The lost need You. This whole world needs You, God. Please help. Please help. Thank You.

“Why doesn’t God stop the evil?”

Just heard a good thought:

A lot of people complain, “Why doesn’t God do anything about the evil in the world?”

And yet, these same people will read of the times in the Bible when God /did/ put a stop to the evil in the world (like when he brought plagues upon Egypt or destroyed the many wicked nations in the land of Canaan), and they’ll turn around and say that God is a violent, angry, evil god.

People, you can’t have it both ways.

God is God. He does whatever pleases Him. He is very patient (long-suffering), and yet He also does punish evil, wicked people for their atrocious actions. We only see glimpses of this now, but there is coming a day when Jesus will return with firey vengeance and He will make all things right.

The question is, are you ready for that Day? Jesus is the only Way of salvation — not Islam, not New Age beliefs, not Hinduism, not science or intellectualism, not praying to Mary or saints of old, not even going to church or being baptized or following the Law.

The ONLY way to be saved is by repenting of your sins and trusting in Jesus alone for your salvation. He came to this earth, He died the death you deserved to die, He rose in power with a resurrected life, and now He offers life to all who will call upon His Name.

Then you will be ready to stand before Him on that great Day of judgment.

Because I’m here to tell you that God /will/ do something about the evil in this world.

But you need to ask yourself, will you be pleased when He does so? Or will you be taken away in the storm of His wrath?